GET LOST (not you- the comic!)

This is the tentative cover for GET LOST, a project I’m working on with artist Felipe Echevarria. If you aren’t familiar with Felipe’s work then you should check out his website.

“When Michael was 10, his younger brother Alex disappeared into the wilderness surrounding their family’s cabin. Haunted for many years, Michael returns to where it happened; only to be beckoned into the woods by his brother’s cries for help.  Stumbling through a portal into strange world, Michael is reunited with Alex (who appears just as he did the day he vanished) and meets Kale; a sorcerer’s apprentice who isn’t exactly human. Now, if Michael and Alex ever want to make it home they’ll have to overcome numerous perils and dangerous creatures they never dreamed existed while helping Kale protect the Amulet of Greznek – a talisman of unspeakable power.”


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