New York Comic-Con 2010

It’s November, so of course now is the perfect time to post about the New York Comic-Con which took place last month. Right? Riiiiiiiight.
Everyone always talks about how fantastic the San Diego Comic-Con is (which is true) but you never hear people speak of the New York Comic-Con with the same sort of enthusiasm. It’s like the younger brother whose accomplishments are often missed by his parents because they’re too busy fawning over his perfect sibling.

Let me say though that the New York Comic-Con deserves more than its share of high-fives. The Jacob K. Javits Center, which is where the NYCC was held, had somewhat of a modern/industrial look to it that seemed to fit the convention well. As cool as the SDCC is, I think almost anyone who has been to it would agree that the San Diego Convention Center could use a little updating; at the very least some carpet that doesn’t make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time to the 80s.

The space at the JKJ Center is smaller the San Diego Convention Center but it had everything you would expect from an event worthy of being called a “Comic-Con”. Stars? Check. Artist Alley? Check. More panels than you could possibly go to? Check? Vendors carrying hard find toys, comics, and other assorted goodies? Check. Stan “the Man” Lee? Check. Lots of people in costume? Check.

Even several of the displays and promos were the same ones I had seen at the SDCC. That’s to be expected though. You wouldn’t expect many fans to attend both conventions so why not reuse them. I mean if you haven’t seen it, then it is new to you, right? Now, I don’t want to give the impression that the NYCC was just made up of reheated leftovers from the SDCC because it wasn’t. The NYCC had its own exclusives just as the SDCC did. Neither had the exclusive on being awesome though. Yeah…how’d you like that? See what I just did there with “exclusive”? Wasn’t that clever? No?

Bottom line: I had a great time at the New York Comic-Con, as much as I did at the SDCC. Really. I mean it. You should plan to go next year…especially if you’re not able to score those tickets to the San Diego Comic-Con.


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