The Black Bat Attacks!

Several months back the editor of Excelsior Webcomics asked me if I would write a Black Bat story for them. At the time my knowledge of the character was limited. I’d only heard about him previously because of his similarities to Batman. After doing some research, I learned a great deal more about the Black Bat. One interesting fact was that the fins on Batman’s gauntlets were inspired by ones that the Black Bat once wore. However, Marvel’s Daredevil actually shares more in common with the Black Bat than the Dark Knight does. For instance, both happen to be blind lawyers that fight crime as costumed vigilantes and have unique abilities that allow them to see in the dark. The form of justice the Black Bat dispenses is of a much more lethal kind though, meaning the bad guys rarely make it to jail. Anyway, after my history lesson, I was really excited about working with this character. Here are a couple of pages from the story I put together. Enjoy!
Art by Lee Oaks. Lettered by James Gaubatz.Page 3

Page 4


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