Had a great time at ComicFest 2013 last weekend! It’s small, as far as conventions go, but that is part of the appeal. Most of the talent in the Artist Alley is local so I got to hang out with some old friends, while making a few new ones as well.

Saturday night was especially eventful as it marked the last one my good friend (and amazing artist), Jeff Herndon, would spend as a single man. We commemorated this event with a low-key bachelor party which consisted of dinner and watching people in costume get-down at the Federation Ball.

Enough about my awesome weekend, here is a page from a short ghost story I wrote called “The Paranormal Consultant”. It will be in two different anthologies, the first of which you should be able to pick up at the Denver Comic-Con next month. Art by Jeremy McHugh. Lettering by James Gaubatz.



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