Final Frontier Justice

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Did you remember to hit your local comic shop May 4th for Free Comic Book Day? I hope so. If not, you have my sympathy.

If you were among the unfortunate, maybe (I make no promises) this will cheer you up some!

Here’s a look at “Starcrosser”, a Sci-Fi/Western I wrote.  The art is provided by Bill Thompson, with lettering by James Gaubatz. It’s part of an anthology comic called Wicked Awesome Tales, which is full of fantastic art and a variety of entertaining stories. Several incredibly gifted artists worked on this book. Seriously, there’s more talent in this book than you will find in an entire season of “American Idol”!

I must admit though, that the biggest thrill for me is to have a story in the same book as legendary writer Ron Fortier. Mr. Fortier has been writing comics since I was a kid. To me, the best interpretation of the Green Hornet thus far has been the one he wrote for NOW Comics. Fun fact: Alex Ross’ first published comic book work was Terminator: The Burning Earth, a mini-series written by Ron Fortier. I’m now lucky enough to count this gentleman as dear friend and mentor. Alright, I suppose I’ve “fanboy-ed” enough. I’ll stop.

What was I saying? Oh, I remember now! You’ll be able to pick up a copy of Wicked Awesome Tales at the Denver Comic-Con later this month. If you can’t make it though, not to worry, online ordering and digital download will be available at the beginning of June. I’ll be sure to post a link when that happens. Thanks for dropping by! -TJ




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Had a great time at ComicFest 2013 last weekend! It’s small, as far as conventions go, but that is part of the appeal. Most of the talent in the Artist Alley is local so I got to hang out with some old friends, while making a few new ones as well.

Saturday night was especially eventful as it marked the last one my good friend (and amazing artist), Jeff Herndon, would spend as a single man. We commemorated this event with a low-key bachelor party which consisted of dinner and watching people in costume get-down at the Federation Ball.

Enough about my awesome weekend, here is a page from a short ghost story I wrote called “The Paranormal Consultant”. It will be in two different anthologies, the first of which you should be able to pick up at the Denver Comic-Con next month. Art by Jeremy McHugh. Lettering by James Gaubatz.


The Black Bat Attacks!

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Several months back the editor of Excelsior Webcomics asked me if I would write a Black Bat story for them. At the time my knowledge of the character was limited. I’d only heard about him previously because of his similarities to Batman. After doing some research, I learned a great deal more about the Black Bat. One interesting fact was that the fins on Batman’s gauntlets were inspired by ones that the Black Bat once wore. However, Marvel’s Daredevil actually shares more in common with the Black Bat than the Dark Knight does. For instance, both happen to be blind lawyers that fight crime as costumed vigilantes and have unique abilities that allow them to see in the dark. The form of justice the Black Bat dispenses is of a much more lethal kind though, meaning the bad guys rarely make it to jail. Anyway, after my history lesson, I was really excited about working with this character. Here are a couple of pages from the story I put together. Enjoy!
Art by Lee Oaks. Lettered by James Gaubatz.Page 3

Page 4

Albuquerque Comic Expo 2012

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Wow, just wow. ACE 2012 was awesome. I met so many great people- fans and colleagues alike. The work that some of these fans put into their costumes still amazes me. As I’ve said before, they really help to make these cons worthwhile. I had such a great time there, even though we had to briefly evacuate our hotel in the middle of the night because a fire broke out on the second floor. We were on the 16th floor. But it was okay though, I really needed the exercise.

Anyway, if you are one of those incredibly, interesting people I spoke with at ACE, please feel free to drop me a line on here. I’d love to hear from you!

Pandemonium Spotlight #4

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Pandemonium Spotlight # 4 is now available from Twilight Star Studios! It features some great stories including “Gabriel’s Last Testament” by yours truly. Go get it!

Gabriel’s Last Testament

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This a preview of a comic short I rewrote for my good friend and artist, Felipe Echevarria. Look for it in Pandemonium Spotlight this March!

Have you seen my dog?

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Aside from STAKES, I’ve been working on some other fun projects that I hope to share more with you about over the next few months. In the meantime, here is a peak at the cover for one of those aforementioned projects. The awesomeness now burning your retinas is brought to you courtesy of artist extraordinaire, Jeff Herndon.